JN Originals


by Judy Nolan


jnoriginals.Raspberry Floral Brooch 2012

                                                           jnoriginals – Floral Brooch (2012)

This Article was originally written in 2012 – thought it would be interesting to see how much Judy has evolved in the past five years!!!

jnoriginals.Crocheted Sentimental Flower Brooch 2017

          jnoriginals – Felted Sentimental Floral Brooch (2017)

Using the words of Carl Sandberg, “Nothing happens unless first we dream”, Judy enhances his words with her own “Dreams are also realized when we ask ‘What if…?’ and ‘Why not…?’” These two thoughts are the basis of Judy’s OOAK creations in her shop, http: //jnoriginals.etsy.com, opened in 2007.

Round Felted Needlebook

Felted Needlebook by jnoriginals

When I envision one of Judy’s creations, the first thing that comes to mind are her unique and colorful “Felted Needle Books.” I purchased one a few years ago, and can never go anywhere without it when working on a project! Also, one cannot miss her colorful felted bowls with their flower appliques.

 *** Many years later I still use my “Needle Book” everything – although a little worn as the corners, with the help of my dog, Piper, who redecorated one of the corners!!!

JudyNolan.Needlebook. 6.16.17
My Felted Needlebook (2012)


Judy’s talent is also showcased in her beautifully crocheted scarfs, hats, and wide headbands, all of which come in various colors. I especially love her “Ruffled Scarflettes” with their flower appliques. Not only perfect for those cold winter days, but a fashion statement of their own. My favorite is the “Raspberry Ruffled Scarflette” (shown below) which also comes in a variety of other colors. 

JnOriginals.OffWhite WideHeadband      jnoriginals.Crocheted Raspberry Scarflette

Crocheted Wide Headband w Flower                      Crocheted Raspberry Scarflette

It is no wonder that Judy’s work looks so professional, as she has won various awards in the Fabric & Threads Division at the Iowa State Fair, which she now shares with her many followers.

Flash forward from 2012 to 2017:  Judy’s main featured Shop on Etsy is now MrPenQuin.etsy.com, which she opened in 2009.


MisterPenQuin features carefully handcrafted photo books, gratitude journals, blank books, gratitude journals, date books, Graduation Gifts, and other items. All items are ready to ship; custom orders welcomed!

Blog.MrPenQuin.FloralGratitudeBook 6.15.17

MrPenQuin Floral Gratitude Book

MrPenQuin.BirdsinParisGratitudeBook 6.17.17

Birds in Paris Gratitude Book


Looking for Vintage Patterns?  Welcome to Judy’s 3rd Shop:                                     2nd ChanceTreasures.

JudyNolan.2ndChanceBanner 2017

According to Judy – I don’t believe in tossing what someone else can use. Give these treasures a second chance! 

2ndChance.LauraAshley Business Bag Pattern

Laura Ashley Business Bag Pattern

2nChance.Butterick Womens Fashion Pattern

Butterick Women’s Fashion Patterns


A woman of many talents, visit Judy at her many Shops:

– Mister PenQuin Too, http://MisterPenQuinToo.etsy.com (coming soon!)
– JN Originals, http://JNoriginals.etsy.com
– 2nd Chance Treasures, http://2ndChanceTreasures.etsy.com

or her Social Media sites:

Web Site: http://www.judy-nolan.com
Facebook: ThisCreativeJourney
Twitter: ThisCreativJrny
Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Judy-nolan/posts



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Wordless Wednesday – Roses

Terrace Popcorn Roses

Roses.PopCornRoses.Terrace 6.11.17

Roses.PopcornRose.White.Watermarked 6.11.17 -

New to my Terrace of Flowers are these Popcorn Roses which are a new and improved variety of Roses. Created from a blend of miniature roses and full-size ground cover roses, and beautifully fragrant!

They have a beautiful cream and accented yellow blooms with softly faded centers, as evident in my Photos!





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Blog.Memoriesforlife.BabyBook 6.14.14                      Blog.LanasArt.RomanticBliss.OOAK Painting 6.14.17                      Blog.MrPenQuin.FloralGratitudeBook 6.15.17


   MemoriesforLife                                 LanasArt.OOAKPainting                MrPenQuin.GratitudeBook


MermaidsWhispers.WeddingSandCandleCeremonySet                      Blog.NouveauNiche.PortraitofaRedheadPrint                      Blog.BeadedTail.LoveCharmEarrings 6.14.17
Natasha.WeddingSand                   NouveauNiche,Portait of a                    BeadedTail.Love 
     CandleCeremony                                   Redhead Print                                  Charm Earrings

Blog.DuniStudio.FrenchChicApron 6.14.17                Blog.SplendidLittleStars.BlueTonesSilkScarf 6.14.17                      Blog.AntiquityTravelers.Agate,BloodstoneBeadedNecklace 6.14.16

       DuniStudio.                                     SplendidLittleStars                               AntiquityTravelers
French Chic Apron                             Blue Tone Silk Scarf                          Agate.Bloodstone Necklace


The Items shown above are MY choices of suggestions that I think would interest those who view my Shops.  Read on……

I am sure many of you by now have heard about Etsy’s newest way to screw it’s Sellers! This is something they did without notifying any of us who own Shops on Etsy.  So once again those in Administration are “so-called” improving Etsy, but to the benefit of who???

This is their newest improvement for our Shop(s) –
If someone clicks on a link to one of your items – whether on Etsy, Google, Google+, Twitter, OnFire, etc. – at the top of the page where the Banner would show – Etsy has added THEIR own “suggested ideas similar to what you are looking for”.  Then post about 10 items they think that the potential Buyer may be interested in rather than just viewing your item!!!!!!!

This excerpt is taken from the ETSY SELLER HANDBOOK – make sure you read all the reviews (99% negative!!)


I can’t believe they did this – We are paying to list OUR items – and charged monthly fees – perhaps these other Shops should be charged a fee for posting on our pages! Of course, they say this is a just a test.

In the meantime, while they are “testing” our Shops and items, there is a way around this by readjusting the links before you post them on various Social Media sites, so that only your item will show up.  It will also block the intrusion of other Shop’s items being featured in your Shop, as a potential Buyer clicks on one of your items.

By following these instructions when posting one of your items, you will successfully promote YOUR items without having Etsy’s “suggested items”.

When you Share your listing an any of the Social Media sites, add your shop name to the link like this –   I used one of my items as an example:

Original Listing:  

Adjusted Listing:

In between the www.etsy.com/ and the listing.. insert your shop name. That takes the “referral” listing pics out “.

***At the top of the page, I posted my OWN suggested items from the BBA Team, similar to what you are looking for.  Thank you Etsy, but I know what I like, and what I would like to promote!!!













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Butterfly Gardens

BrookfieldZoo.Butterfly Gardens

ChicagoBrookfield Zoo. Butterflys.BlueFlowers.watermarked

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The Nature of Spring

The Nature of Spring

Photos.BabyBirds1 5.31.17

Baby Sparrows Sleeping


Photos.BabyBirds.eating 5.31.17

Baby Sparrows waiting for Dinner!

Each year a new family of Sparrows return to nest in my Cookie jar, which I had stored on my terrace.  Within the month, these little babies will be ready to take flight.  And the nest remains empty until next Spring when new eggs suddenly appear waiting to hatch on my Terrace!

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Wordless Wednesday

Loyola, Spain

Stained Glass.St. Ignatius Loyola,Spain

Stained Glass. Loyola Spain: Home of St. Ignatius Loyola

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An Up and Coming Designer!

Up-and-Coming Designer Proves That Vegan Is the Future of Fashion in FIT Runway Show


Christine. FIT-design-full-outfit..closeup -e1494452771826 5.10.17

Original Design by Christina DeGaglia

My son’s girlfriend, Christina DeGaglia, who graduates from FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) this week after years of many long hours and hard work. One of her designs (shown above) was chosen by FIT to be featured in an FIT’s “Future of Fashion” Show.

This is an excerpt from a magazine article which did a feature on Christina and her Runway design.

Christine.FIT-design-runway model2-e1494451648817

Runway Fashion Model wearing Christina’s Design

“Wearing fur and animal skins is not only super-tacky but also cruel. And more and more companies have been taking notice. In fact, the largest clothing retailers have BANNED fur altogether! So it’s no wonder that up-and-coming fashion designers, including Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) student Christina DeGaglia, have chosen to design only vegan clothing.

The young designer and New York native just had a dress and jacket from her “Vegan Revolution” collection featured in FIT’s prestigious Future of Fashion runway show, where the ensemble was seen by some of the biggest editors and stylists—as well as other top names—in the fashion industry.

Christina’s runway piece includes a vegan leather jacket with faux-fur trimming that changes color with heat and that—like all her creations—is free of animal-derived materials such as leather, wool, suede, fur, angora, and exotic skins. The dress even features a super-cute oversized patch that reads, “You Can’t Love Animals and Eat Them Too.”

“No living being should be electrocuted and skinned for a frivolous furry pom-pom keychain or a bit of trim on a jacket,” says DeGaglia. “Today’s market is flooded with chic, animal-friendly fabrics, from supple vegan leather to soft, wool-free knits. I feel it’s my responsibility to use the design skills I gained at FIT to move the fashion industry in a more sustainable, compassionate direction.”

When Christina was accepted to FIT, she was committed to never using fur or leather in any of her designs. But after learning that shearers in the wool industry have been caught beating sheep and that workers often keep angora rabbits in barren cages and rip out their fur by the fistful, she also vowed not to use wool, angora, or any other animal-derived materials.


Cutting Fur off Angora Rabbit (notice the person standing on the Rabbit’s ear!)

Her goal is to start a chic vegan fashion line upon graduation, and if she can encourage just one person to choose a vegan leather jacket over a cow-skin one, she’ll consider it a success.

Christine. FIT-designer-butt-patch-e1494450745707 5.10.17

Statement Design by Christina DeGaglia

You don’t need to be a fashion designer to save animals’ lives. All you have to do is check the labels of the clothing you’re going to purchase. Companies pay attention to consumers’ opinions and make decisions based on what people are buying. So NEVER buy anything that says “fur,” “angora,” “wool,” or “leather” on the label. It’s so easy. Chances are, most of the stuff you already wear is probably vegan!

Together, we can start a vegan fashion revolution and save animals’ lives.

Christina has also had some of her designs featured at last year’s Manhattan “Fashion Week”.


Keith Baker & Christina DeGaglia


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Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

Banksy.Mothers Day 5.11.14

“Mother’s Day”  ….Banksy

For those you of who are familiar with the “street artist” Banksy – this is just one of his many painting’s which mysteriously appear on a building – one of many found around the world.

Although there are many theories as to who exactly Banksy is, no one knows exactly who the artist is.  Banksy is an anonymous England-based graffiti artist, political activist and film director of unverified identity.  His street art ranges from subversive epigrams combining dark humor, or satirical.  A graffiti artist who paints in a distinctive stenciling technique using only spray paints, mimicking the early days of graffiti artists with their spray can paints.

About 2 years ago I was in the City (NY) with my sons; as we left the East Village Bar, walking about 2 blocks – my son (who is also a street artist) immediately recognized one of Banksy’s work on the side of a building.  It is amazing as he paints these life size works of art which no one every sees him doing.  Of course my son took many pictures of this work.

There exists many theories as to who exactly Banksy is – which will have to be another article! Along with an upcoming article of my own son’s art work – he recently sold some of his work at Comicon NY the past two years,  and has some of his paintings hanging in Gallery’s in the City – follow #reso914.


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Spring Tulips

Spring Tulips

Tulips.Katonah.crop.watermarked 4.28.17

Spring Tulips – Katonah, NY

Tulips.Katonah.watermarked 4.28.17

Tulips – Katonah, NY

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Take Your Child to Work Day

Take Your Child to Work Day

 Take Your Child to Work Mother.Daughter

The third Thursday of April is “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” where employees across the country bring their children to work offering a valuable opportunity for these daughters and sons to observe their parents in a different light.

Originally started as “Take your Daughter to Work Day” in 1993; the message was to help “empower” women (and young girls) to view the various roles offered to women. It was still a time when women were either supposed to be a “stay at home mom”, or if you were a professional, the best you were offered was to be a Secretary – now referred to Administrative Assistants.  A few years later, in 2003, it became inclusive as “Take your Child to Work Day”.  It is a great way to empower our kids to learn about the many career choices they have opened to them in later years,

There can be some very positive influences while bringing your child to work with you; and also, some quite negative aspects!  Often your child may wonder what exactly does Mommy or Daddy do when they go off to work after they drop me off at school. It is a chance for them to see you in a different, productive role outside our familiar roles at home.

When my daughter Kelly was in High School, right near my office, I did bring her to my office, which she was already familiar with as she would, at times, stop by after school.  At the time, I was working in the Stock Market with Financial Analysts. Kelly would help with filing, helping record Sales, always ready to help.

At the other end of the spectrum, was the negative aspect of “Take your Child to Work Day”.  Many of the fathers would bring their child to work, but it wasn’t a day of working with Daddy or Mommy.  As soon as they would walk into the Office their child was left at my desk, and the other Administrative Assistants would also become “baby sitter’s” for the day! I was often spouting the words “Please do not touch that”; “Please don’t play with the keyboard”, etc. I think my favorite was one broker’s son who discovered he could shoot staples across the room. Not exactly what Gloria Steinem intended when she started this day to help empower young girls into a world unfamiliar to them. 

 I came across these two humorous cards that I wanted to share that says it all!

Take Your Child to Work 1

Take Your Child to Work.Boredom 1




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