Thanksgiving Wishes

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes to all my friends:

Vintage.Thanksgiving.Girl w Turkey 11.22.17

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Along the Hudson-Autumn in Irvington NY

Autumn in Irvington NY

Mathieson Park. Maple Trees w Table Irvington NY.watermarked 11.15.17

Along the Hudson  – Matthieson Park, Irvington NY

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Pray for Peace 2.1.17

As I really can’t find the words to explain what is happening in the world just too often, I thought this picture might be the answer.   

Those who follow my Blog, know that I often do an “Along the Hudson” series. Although this is “along the Hudson” on the lower West Side of Manhattan, it is a different view of life.

As children and adults were preparing for an evening of Halloween enjoyment, once again New York was met with another “terrorist” attack.  Innocent people riding along the Hudson River’s bike path in lower Manhattan, were the innocent victims of one man’s hatred inspired by his “supposed love of Allah”.  

As true New Yorkers, we light candles, “Pray for Peace” and ask why.  Unfortunately none of us have the answers, but do know that we pick ourselves up and continue with life as best as we can.

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September Challenge – Autumn

BBA Challenge – September 2017– Autumn Memories

Apple Picking - Outhouse Orchards, Salem NY

This month’s Challenge – September is one of my favorite months! As the leaves change, the smells in the air of apple wood burning in fireplaces, sweaters and shawls come out of the closets. Summer is over and we now venture into the next segment of our lives!

Like a child, I still love to kick up the fallen Autumn leaves that quietly crackle beneath my feet.  The Summer sun is declining, and a crisp freshness fills the air.  I look all around at Nature’s Beauty, Crimson’s, Gold’s, Orange and Brown colors seem to surround me as the trees changing colors take on an artist’s palette of Fall.  There is no season so radiant in its abundance of colors, as early Autumn.

Beacon NY. StJohn Rectory 11.15.16

Beacon NY, St John’s Rectory

Another one of my favorite memories was when I was young, my friends and I spending hours raking leaves into large piles.  Once that was done we would jump off the terrace ledge into the mountains of leaves we just gathered, only to have to start again raking the leaves into another pile.  Unfortunately, today, with everyone having leaf blowers, children don’t get to experience the joys of spending hours playing in the leaves!

Apple picking was and is still another tradition of Autumn’s arrival!  The memories of my grandfather taking my sister and I apple picking at Purdy’s Apple Orchard are still so vivid in my mind! Before we even got out of the car, we would already take in the smells of the many types of NY Apples, which would be our first adventure at the Orchard. After picking more apples than we could hold, we would end the day with hot apple cider, and warm homemade apple donuts.  Another tradition I shared with my own children.  Unfortunately, Purdy’s in Armonk NY, originally opened in the late 1800’s recently closed.  

Apple Orchard. Modena









                   Apple Orchard  – Modena, NY                     
Apple Cider Donuts

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                                                  Warm Apple Cinnamon Donuts 

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention going on Halloween walks through the Nature Center; or going to the “pumpkin patch” to pick our own pumpkins.  Naturally, my children always seemed to want the largest one in the patch!


                   Keith in the Pumpkin Patch

Zachary in hat.PumpkinPicking

Keeping the Tradition – Zachary in the Pumpkin Patch
(note the Hat – also in my Shop!!)

Fall’s beauty is like no other than that along the Hudson River in New York.  An example of this feast to our eye’s, is the picture below which I took at Sleepy Hallow Cemetery on Halloween a few years ago.  A perfect day as Fall’s colors of Nature paint an image of light as the Crimson, Gold and Orange Colors along the Hudson Valley, NY.

Sleepy Hollow.Cemetry.Fall Scene.Watermarked 10.16

A View of the Hudson Valley from Sleepy Hallow Cemetery







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Welcome Autumn

Autumn Fairy 9.22.17

Welcome Autumn

“Green-veined leaves suddenly blushing copper;
bronze-edged trees swaying in autumn breezes;
gold foliage drifting past pewter branches baring all
brass-hued leaflets dying in beauty, falling in grace”

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Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday – Kelly, age 4

Kelly.Modeling Photo 1984 .300x499

Kelly’s first modeling photo!

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Remembering Sept. 11, 2001

Remembering Sept. 11, 2001


Although it has been 16 years since the tragic events of 9/11, I ask that today be a day of reflection not just of September 11, 2011 and the many lives lost; but a reflection of how our World as knew it then, has changed into the World of so many lives lost since then fighting for our Freedom.


Let us never forget the over 3,000 lives lost that day.  Eventually since that time we have lost more lives, those who so dedicatedly rushed to the Trade Center as first responders.



I invite you all to pray for those lost and those 700 bodies who have never been found or identified.

For more Reflections on this “Day of Remembrance” as I listen to the tolling bells for each person lost.  Attached is a link to my previous article (written last year on Sept 11, 2016).



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Labor Day: The End of Summer

Labor Day: The End of Summer

Blog.WhiteDress.WhiteGloves 9.1.17 

The other day I mentioned in the Discussion threads of my BBArtisans Team (Blogging Business Artisans) – that with Labor Day Weekend approaching, that is “was the Last Week of Summer”!

Natasha, one of our Members’, commented that I must be from NY as I mentioned Labor Day marking the “End of Summer”.  Her comment was – “I can tell you’re from the North because of your comment about summer! My mom is from Boston and still worries about the “no white after Labor Day” after 30+ years in the South. Is that even still a thing in North?” 

Well actually I had never thought of it being an East Coast event.  Truthfully, I thought everyone celebrated “Labor Day” as the end of Summer.  As Natasha lives in Hawaii – I do suppose there isn’t much need to celebrate the “End of Summer!”

My favorite was her comment about “no white after Labor Day”!!!  Well yes, that is another (I am guessing) an East Coast thing. Again, I commented that I would be spending my Labor Day Weekend packing up my white items –NOT.

Coincidentally, the next day I came across this article which I thought based on the subject, was appropriate to share!

Besides being a holiday held to celebrate the lives of working people, Labor Day is also deemed as the (unofficial) end of Summer—and the halt to wearing white clothing, at least until May. At some point, we’ve all heard the phrase, “Don’t wear white after Labor Day.”

Actually no one is exactly sure how it came to be that “White” was banned from Fall and Winter wardrobes. Here is just a little history that might explain its origin, or how it came to be.

Dating back to the early 1900’s, one theory that held true was that many progressive changes were occurring for American women. Social acceptance for wealthy women, especially in the East, and New York (the fashion capital) that your status was based very much on what you wore – and when you wore it.  White was only worn during the Summer months, as one could afford to wear the “light-weight clothing” and then be able to purchase warmer clothing during the colder months.

By the 1950s, Women’s Magazines, which dictated what the fashionable woman should wear, started making this “no white after Labor Day” ordinance a little more public, basically making the proclamation official. Wearing white only between Memorial Day and Labor Day was now the norm for the American Woman!  Well I guess this was, and still is, the socially accepted norm of those living in the East.


I also mentioned in my comment that one would never leave the house without wearing their “fashionable” white gloves.  In my younger days, this was the norm of every household.  One would never think of going to Church without their “white gloves”!!

Well thank goodness for the 1960’s and 1970’s, when based on the changes in fabric, wardrobes changed completely.  White gloves were pushed to the back of drawers, and blue jeans became the fashion statement of the times.

Although I still have my “white gloves” from my childhood days, we still look to the Labor Day Weekend as the end of Summer. So, following instilled traditions, my “white’s” are relegated to the back of my closet, and my “year-round jeans” now have new accessories to compliment the cooler weather.

So, Natasha, I guess what your Bostonian mother always told you “No White after Labor Day’ was right on!!! and I am guessing all those living in the Northeast have grown up with these same “fashion” traditions.

Disney World 1987.cropped 9.1.17

My children and I in our “Summer Whites”!!!

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Welcome Autumn

My “Cover Photo” was taken from an original Photograph in Bear Mt, NY

Autumn Scene.Bear Mt Lake.Watermarked.jpg 9.5.17

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Along the Hudson-Garrison NY

Garrison.OldChurch.PutnamValley 9.1.17

Old Church.Garrison NY-PutnamValley

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