Here Comes The Sun!

Here Comes The Sun!

Hartsdale.HartsPreserve.CherryBlossom.watermarked 4.25.18


Cherry Blossom. Harts Preserve, Hartsdale, NY


“Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter
Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here
Here co
mes the sun”

What better way to celebrate Spring’s final warmth than George Harrison’s “Here Comes the Sun”! He wrote this song on a Spring Day after a long, cold English Winter. Well after a long, cold, snowy Winter in NY, I thought his lyrics were a perfect compliment to the Photography I took yesterday showing the first signs of Spring!

Hartsdale.HartsPreserve.CherryBlossoms.Roadway.watermarked 4.25.18


Walkway of Cherry Blossoms – Harts Preserve, Hartsdale NY



DobbsFerry.Waterfront.WeepingWillow.watermarked 4.25.18 - Copy

Weeping Willow. Hudson River Park, Dobbs Ferry, NY
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Throwback Thursday

Easter.Ryan.Joannie 1987

Ryan w his Godmother, Aunt Joannie (my cousin)

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McSorley’s Irish Taven

McSorley’s Old Ale House-Irish Tavern


Last year for my birthday, my son’s, Keith and Ryan, took me to McSorley’s Old Ale House. I thought it fitting that for St. Patrick’s Day I share a little about New York City’s oldest Irish Tavern in New York City.  Situated in lower Manhattan, in the East Village, where in the late 1800’s – early 1900’s many Irish immigrants who fled the “potato famine” in Ireland settled.

McSorleys-Old-Ale-House.Front View. 3.15.18


McSorley’s Old Ale House  


Established in 1854, McSorley’s is recognized as the City’s oldest and still operating Tavern.  Some day’s, especially on weekends, it is nothing to stand in line and wait for an hour just to get in, as the inside of McSorley’s is very small, typical of the bars of yesteryear.  Besides me, everyone from Abe Lincoln to John Lennon have passed thru McSorley’s swinging doors. Woody Guthrie, with his guitar in hand, inspired the union movement from a table in the front tables of the bar. Walking along the “saw dust floors” one can feel the history that McSorley’s has shared with its customers for the past 164 years. 

McSorleys.Mugs of Beer.watermarked

So pour yourself a mug of beer, and join me, as I take you through my experience at McSorley’s through the many pictures I took.


As one walks in, and steps through the “sawdust” floors, they are greeted by the Irish barmaids and waiters, who are more than willing to make your visit memorable. The walls are filled with much historical paraphernalia, artwork, and  newspaper articles, many dating back to 1854, which gives McSorley’s an atmosphere that many consider reminiscent of “Olde New York.”  No piece of memorabilia has been removed from the walls since 1910, and there are many items of “historical” paraphernalia in the bar, such as Houdini’s handcuffs, which are connected to the bar rail.  As you can see from the pictures below, they still use the original Cash Register and Beer Taps from 1854!

McSorleys.Behind the Bar.watermarked 3.16.18


A view behind McSorley’s Tavern


McSorleys.OriginalCash Register.watermarked 3.16.18


The Original Cash Register & Beer Taps from 1854 


I also took this picture of Jack Dempsey, one of McSorley’s regulars, during his reign as the World’s Boxing Champion during the 1920’s.

McSorleys.Pic of JackDempsey


Signed Picture of Jack Dempsey  



So while drinking our beers, we dined on their “Irish” speciality of Cheddar Cheese, Crackers, served with their spicy mustard (I guess giving one the incentive to keep drinking!!!).



McSorley’s famous Cheese Platter 


With a treasure trove of New York City History filling the walls, what really caught my eye and attention were the very dust-laden wish bones hanging over the bar.  Apparently the “Wishbones” hanging above the bar were hung there by many of the young men going off to World War I, only to be removed when they returned, the remaining wishbones that are still hanging to this day, are from those who never returned.

McSorleys.Wishbones.watermarked 3.1.17


Wishbones left by Soldiers from WWI  


As noted by this sign, one of McSorley’s original motto’s was “Be Good or Be Gone”!

McSorley.BigGood.BeGone 3.18.18

It was finally dark when we left and took a walk around the East Village, at the corner was the sign for St. Mark’s Place. I had to take this picture, as growing up I spent every weekend hanging out on St. Mark’s Place in the East Village.  If you are old enough to remember, the “Electric Circus” it was on St. Mark’s Place. Of course those days will have to wait for a different Blog of my life!!

McSorleys.StMarksPl sign

Thanks to Keith and Ryan for making my Birthday, which was in November, a very memorable Irish experience!!!

McSorleys.Painting 1912-McSorley's_Bar.JohnSolan.artist


1912 Painting of McSorley’s – artist, John Sloan



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The EASTER Season


“Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, forgiveness, renewal, and new life”

Easter.PostcardsinAttic.AntiquePostcard.Cross.whiteFlowers 3.4.18

The thought of Easter always conjures up visions of “cute little bunnies; Easter baskets filled with candy; or a new outfit to wear on Easter Sunday”.  With Easter’s original meaning of hope and renewal, my newest Blog celebrates the “Season of EASTER” with beautiful gift ideas from my some of my Favorite Friends, and Team Members.  Since Easter is a little early this year, April 1st, it is not too soon to start some “Easter” Shopping for yourself or the perfect gift for a loved one!

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Easter.ClaireMDesigns.EasterBunnyTags 3.6.18


Easter.PrettyGonzo.MiraculousMedialChaplet 3.8.18


Easter.ShadowDogDesigns.CrossEarrings 3.4.18



Easter.RabbitWhiskers.FeltedSheep 3.8.18 



***Please note:  the beautiful Easter Card at the top is also from “Postcardsintheattic” 



Easter.CrossStitch.EasterChick 3.1.18 



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Ireland. Pic from Mary

**Road to Adares, County Donegal, Ireland

                                              May the Irish hills caress you.                                                                                              May her lakes and rivers bless you.                                                                                       May the luck of the Irish enfold you.                                                     May the blessings of Saint Patrick behold you.

Ireland.Pic.HolyWell. Mary 2.23.18

**Holy Well, Sligo, Ireland

On March 17 of each year, Christians around the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, with a little “wearing of the green”!   This St. Patrick’s Day Blog features some beautiful Irish Gifts of Green from a few of my Favorite Friends, and Team Members.

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StPatrick.PrettyGonzo.CelticCrossEarrings 2.23.18


 StPatrick.KatsAllThat.Green.Pink Lampwork Bracelet 2.23.18


Although St. Patrick is associated with Ireland, he was actually born in England in the late 4th Century.  Moving to Ireland in the 5th Century as a Missionary; through his teachings, he became known as the “Patron Saint of Ireland.”


StPatrick.MarciaMcKinzie.ForestLandscape 2.23.17

StPatrick.ShadowDogDesigns.SerpentineJadeNecklace 2.23.18


StPatrick.BlondePeachJewelry.GreenCrystalEarrings 2.23.18

 StPatrick.PaintingsinFrames.IrishLandscape 1.23.18


St.Patrick.ShadowDogDesigns _lucky_four_leaf_clover_handmade_earrings 2.24.18


On St. Patrick’s Day, it is customary to wear Shamrocks, Green clothing or Green accessories, reminiscent of the beautiful Irish Green fields throughout Ireland.


StPatrick.MagdaleneKnits.CrochetIrishSweater 2.23.17

StPatrick.CoverGirlBeads.GreenLampworkBeads 1.23.18


StPatrick.PostcardsintheAttic.ShamrockCard 2.23.17


StPatrick.LinorStore.CloverEarrings 2.23.18


**Special thanks to Mary of “Pretty Gonzo” for the beautiful pictures of Ireland (shown at the top of the Blog)**

StPatricks.Shamrocks 2.23.18








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Snowfall at Night!

Snowfall at Night

Snowstorm 10pm 2.17.18

As nighttime fell and darkness came, the snow was coming down at such a rapid pace.  As you can see from the picture, all those white spots are actually just some of the many snowflakes falling from the sky.  It wasn’t until I uploaded the photo did I notice how vivid the snowflakes would be against the very dark of night!

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Supermoon.BloodMoon 1.31.18

SUPER BLUE BLOOD MOON                                       Hartsdale, New York

“People from across the country are gazing up into the sky early Wednesday morning to get a glimpse of the rare “Super Blue Blood Moon”.  With my camera in hand, I went out in the chilly early morning at 5:50 am, to capture this photo of the “Super Blue Blood Moon”.  Although here in NY we did not get the full effect of the Blood Moon, you can see a slight reddish circle around the bright Moon. 

A “Super Moon” appears brighter since it is at its closest point to Earth while in Orbit; making the Moon appear 14% larger and 30% brighter than a full moon.

Thank goodness I have always been a very early riser, since according to news reports, at 5:51 a.m. EST on Jan. 31, people in the New York City area will see the Moon enter Earth’s penumbra (the lighter, outer part of its shadow), according to  The penumbra slightly darkens the Moon, though only a little. Note: as I mentioned above the slight red color surrounding the “Super Blue Red Moon”.  Not since 1866 has anyone witnessed this phenomena of a totally lunar eclipse occurring with a Blue Moon.

SuperBloodMoon 1.31.18

SUPER BLUE BLOOD MOON                            West Coast, USA

Unfortunately the West Coast was the better place to view the complete beauty of the complete lunar eclipse of the Blue Moon, creating the Blood Moon.  The picture above was taken on the West Coast.



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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!   (updated)

Valentine.Vintage.TwoGirls 1.29.18

It is still not too late to purchase those last minute “Valentine’s Day” Gifts for your loved ones!  I have added some new “gifts” from those artists already featured!

This Blog continues to feature “Valentine Gift” items from my some of my Favorite Friends, and Team Members.  With everyone “Cyber Shopping” these days, there is still time for those looking for that perfect gift!  Hopefully this will help you find some great gift ideas for that “Special Person” to make their Valentine’s Day a special remembrance!!!

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To see more Valentine Gifts from these talented Artists, please see my other Blog

ValentinesDay.ShadowDogDesigns. Necklace 1.14.18










ValentinesDay.PureandSimplesCandles.FloralScentedSoyCandles 1.14.18
PureandSimple Candles


Triple Strand Black and Red Rose Beaded Bracelet with Chunky Handmade Beads, 3-Strand Women's Bracelet









Valentines Greetings.Vintage.Avatar2010 (800x638)

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Wordless Wednesday-Happy 2018

❤ New Year ~ New Beginnings!


2018 Calendar
$38 –


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Cats at Christmas

Celebrating Christmas!

Juelez in Christmas Tree

Juelez hiding inside the Top of our Christmas Tree!

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