August Challenge

Getting Ready For Fall

One of the first thing that I do as a new Season approaches is revamp my Shops’.  It is time to start moving my Spring and Summer items, and replace them with my Fall Jewelry and Baby Sweaters and Scarves.  First, I replace my Shop “favorites” with whatever would be current for the Season.  Since I have some Autumn Jewelry pieces, I start with those, then move many of my Autumn Crystal, Topaz and Jasper pieces to the front page, and the many earrings that may enhance anyone’s Fall wardrobe!

With my Knit/Crochet Shop, it is time to put away the Baby Sandals and Sun Dresses, and “feature” many of my Sweaters and Scarves that are perfect for the cooler days of Autumn.  Just the thing to wear for those days of apple picking, or walking through park while kicking up those changing Autumn Leaves.

My best selling items are the Crocheted Irish Knit Sweater Sets (so far I have sold over 60) each one Customized according to the Buyer’s requests.  When I first started making these Sweaters, it would take at least a week.  Now I can finish one in a few days without even reading the pattern! I have found, that once Labor Day starts, I suddenly am inundated with requests for this Set, so I am currently starting a few 3 – 6 mo. and 6 – 9 mo. sizes as they are sizes most requested.  I just won’t put them together until the sizes are finalized.

So as the weather is starts to get cooler – and the smell of Autumn will soon be in the air, my Shops’ will be ready for the Fall Season!

                               Triple Wrap Garnet Bracelet                       



About Pamela Baker

For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in various crafts. After crocheting for many years, recently I started designing OOAK jewelry pieces, always learning new techniques as I continued. I also have always loved to write, so I look forward to being a part of this Blog as one it's contributors. As a lifelong resident of NY, I am busy with my two shops on Etsy: MagdaleneJewels (OOAK designed jewelry items: Necklace,Bracelets, Earrings,rings): also, MagdaleneKnits (Crocheted & Knitted items for Newborns to Adults) I can also be found on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Word Press, YouTube. My Blogs are: I also intend to bring tutorials to help you develop your Shops more effectively to increase your Views and Sales on the various mediums you may be selling your work on. I am always a convo or email away if you have any specific questions I can help you with.
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10 Responses to August Challenge

  1. duniwp says:

    Your handmade items are beautiful! I especially like the topaz earrings and the adorable crochet hat in winered! The Irish knit sweater is so sweet 🙂

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  2. Pamela Baker says:

    Thank you Duni! I think the little Autumn Red Hat is my favorite also!


  3. Those sweaters are beautiful! I wish it got cool enough to wear things like that here.

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    • Pamela Baker says:

      Actually, I have sold items to people in CA – usually Cotton Yarn instead of the Acrylics and Wools. I was leery at first when a Customer asked if I could make one of my Baby Sweaters in a Cotton Yarn, surprisingly it came out great! I also made a pair of Fingerless Gloves in a Cotton Yarn for someone in CA also, which worked.


  4. Natasha says:

    I love that first bracelet! Honestly, I’ve given up on “fall” items. I adore fall, but it’s been so many years since I truly experienced it that I just keep making summer things.

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    • Pamela Baker says:

      Thank you – I think both Jewelry and Crochet items are all very Seasonal; so they are definitely things that sell according to Season. Soon it will be time to get the Christmas items out. I love the Autumn colors in the Crystals, thanks for liking my Bracelet!


  5. Edi says:

    Great idea to start getting your shops ready now. It will be here before we know it!
    I like your idea of getting the pieces ready for the sweaters before things get too busy!!

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  6. BeadedTail says:

    Good idea to revamp with the seasons! Your items are lovely! I need to revamp but am going to wait a bit because I’m in denial that summer is ending. 😦

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    • Pamela Baker says:

      If we blink our eyes, it will soon be Christmas!!! Thanks for the likes on my Shop items, as you can see though – esp with the Sweaters, people start thinking of Fall as soon as school starts!


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