An Up and Coming Designer!

Up-and-Coming Designer Proves That Vegan Is the Future of Fashion in FIT Runway Show


Christine. FIT-design-full-outfit..closeup -e1494452771826 5.10.17

Original Design by Christina DeGaglia

My son’s girlfriend, Christina DeGaglia, who graduates from FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) this week after years of many long hours and hard work. One of her designs (shown above) was chosen by FIT to be featured in an FIT’s “Future of Fashion” Show.

This is an excerpt from a magazine article which did a feature on Christina and her Runway design.

Christine.FIT-design-runway model2-e1494451648817

Runway Fashion Model wearing Christina’s Design

“Wearing fur and animal skins is not only super-tacky but also cruel. And more and more companies have been taking notice. In fact, the largest clothing retailers have BANNED fur altogether! So it’s no wonder that up-and-coming fashion designers, including Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) student Christina DeGaglia, have chosen to design only vegan clothing.

The young designer and New York native just had a dress and jacket from her “Vegan Revolution” collection featured in FIT’s prestigious Future of Fashion runway show, where the ensemble was seen by some of the biggest editors and stylists—as well as other top names—in the fashion industry.

Christina’s runway piece includes a vegan leather jacket with faux-fur trimming that changes color with heat and that—like all her creations—is free of animal-derived materials such as leather, wool, suede, fur, angora, and exotic skins. The dress even features a super-cute oversized patch that reads, “You Can’t Love Animals and Eat Them Too.”

“No living being should be electrocuted and skinned for a frivolous furry pom-pom keychain or a bit of trim on a jacket,” says DeGaglia. “Today’s market is flooded with chic, animal-friendly fabrics, from supple vegan leather to soft, wool-free knits. I feel it’s my responsibility to use the design skills I gained at FIT to move the fashion industry in a more sustainable, compassionate direction.”

When Christina was accepted to FIT, she was committed to never using fur or leather in any of her designs. But after learning that shearers in the wool industry have been caught beating sheep and that workers often keep angora rabbits in barren cages and rip out their fur by the fistful, she also vowed not to use wool, angora, or any other animal-derived materials.


Cutting Fur off Angora Rabbit (notice the person standing on the Rabbit’s ear!)

Her goal is to start a chic vegan fashion line upon graduation, and if she can encourage just one person to choose a vegan leather jacket over a cow-skin one, she’ll consider it a success.

Christine. FIT-designer-butt-patch-e1494450745707 5.10.17

Statement Design by Christina DeGaglia

You don’t need to be a fashion designer to save animals’ lives. All you have to do is check the labels of the clothing you’re going to purchase. Companies pay attention to consumers’ opinions and make decisions based on what people are buying. So NEVER buy anything that says “fur,” “angora,” “wool,” or “leather” on the label. It’s so easy. Chances are, most of the stuff you already wear is probably vegan!

Together, we can start a vegan fashion revolution and save animals’ lives.

Christina has also had some of her designs featured at last year’s Manhattan “Fashion Week”.


Keith Baker & Christina DeGaglia


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