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   MemoriesforLife                                 LanasArt.OOAKPainting                MrPenQuin.GratitudeBook


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Natasha.WeddingSand                   NouveauNiche,Portait of a                    BeadedTail.Love 
     CandleCeremony                                   Redhead Print                                  Charm Earrings

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       DuniStudio.                                     SplendidLittleStars                               AntiquityTravelers
French Chic Apron                             Blue Tone Silk Scarf                          Agate.Bloodstone Necklace


The Items shown above are MY choices of suggestions that I think would interest those who view my Shops.  Read on……

I am sure many of you by now have heard about Etsy’s newest way to screw it’s Sellers! This is something they did without notifying any of us who own Shops on Etsy.  So once again those in Administration are “so-called” improving Etsy, but to the benefit of who???

This is their newest improvement for our Shop(s) –
If someone clicks on a link to one of your items – whether on Etsy, Google, Google+, Twitter, OnFire, etc. – at the top of the page where the Banner would show – Etsy has added THEIR own “suggested ideas similar to what you are looking for”.  Then post about 10 items they think that the potential Buyer may be interested in rather than just viewing your item!!!!!!!

This excerpt is taken from the ETSY SELLER HANDBOOK – make sure you read all the reviews (99% negative!!)

I can’t believe they did this – We are paying to list OUR items – and charged monthly fees – perhaps these other Shops should be charged a fee for posting on our pages! Of course, they say this is a just a test.

In the meantime, while they are “testing” our Shops and items, there is a way around this by readjusting the links before you post them on various Social Media sites, so that only your item will show up.  It will also block the intrusion of other Shop’s items being featured in your Shop, as a potential Buyer clicks on one of your items.

By following these instructions when posting one of your items, you will successfully promote YOUR items without having Etsy’s “suggested items”.

When you Share your listing an any of the Social Media sites, add your shop name to the link like this –   I used one of my items as an example:

Original Listing:
Adjusted Listing:

In between the and the listing.. insert your shop name. That takes the “referral” listing pics out “.

***At the top of the page, I posted my OWN suggested items from the BBA Team, similar to what you are looking for.  Thank you Etsy, but I know what I like, and what I would like to promote!!!














About Pamela Baker

For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in various crafts. After crocheting for many years, recently I started designing OOAK jewelry pieces, always learning new techniques as I continued. I also have always loved to write, so I look forward to being a part of this Blog as one it's contributors. As a lifelong resident of NY, I am busy with my two shops on Etsy: MagdaleneJewels (OOAK designed jewelry items: Necklace,Bracelets, Earrings,rings): also, MagdaleneKnits (Crocheted & Knitted items for Newborns to Adults) I can also be found on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Word Press, YouTube. My Blogs are: I also intend to bring tutorials to help you develop your Shops more effectively to increase your Views and Sales on the various mediums you may be selling your work on. I am always a convo or email away if you have any specific questions I can help you with.
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