Rainbow Race

The Rainbow Race

RainbowRace 8.25.12


Rainbow Race:  Both of my Boys ran in this Race


Keith.Ryan.RainbowRace 8.25.12

After the Race!!!

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My Terrace Garden

Black Cherry Roses

Black Cherry Rose. my terracegarden 2015

                                                   Black Cherry Roses from my Garden


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The World Trade Center


WorldTradeCenter.Memorial.WhiteRose.watermarked 8.7.17

WorldTradeCenter.Sign at Entrance.watermarked 8.7.17

                                                                       World Trade Center


Amid all the heavy rains, flooding and storms yesterday, I decided to take a trip with my son to Manhattan and walk around the World Trade Center.  Whether a rainy, or a sunny day, one cannot ignore the ominous feeling of what occurred here almost 16 years ago on September 11th

With all the people walking around, I was struck by the quiet, peaceful feeling as many walked around these massive structures.

The World Trade Center consists of 4 Towers, the center being the “Freedom Tower.”

WorldTradeCenter.FreedomTower.Buildings.watermarked 8.7.17

                                                    4 Buildings of the World Trade Center


WorldTradeCenter.FreedomTower.watermarked 8.7.17

                                                                         Freedom Tower


The tallest structure among the World Trade Buildings is the Freedom Tower.  Constructed with 104 stories; one cannot help taking note that the Building itself measures 1776 feet which coincides with the year 1776 that our Country signed the Declaration of Independence declaring our “Freedom”. 

If you look closely at the pictures I took of the “Freedom Tower” you can see many of the 2,000 pieces of glass, along with the triangles towards the narrowing top which are meant to act as a kaleidoscope, refracting the light from many different angles.  Note: the picture I found taken on a sunny day with the clouds mirroring themselves on each piece and triangle portraying a structural work of art.

OneWorldTradeCenter.Reflection of Clouds

                                                   Freedom Tower Reflections on a Sunny Day!



Even through the heavy rains, I was able to capture the beauty of the many pieces of glass as the Tower is surrounded by the low clouds and fog. 

WorldTradeCenter.FreedomTower.Trees.Fog.watermarked 8.7.17

                                         Freedom Tower surrounded by Clouds and Fog



A tribute to the past and a place of hope for the future — the 9/11 Memorial Plaza is a place of remembrance and an offering of hope.  The park is a contemplative sanctuary, composed of a grove of nearly 400 white oak trees where one can sit quietly and reflect on their own personal memories.  Also within this “Memorial Plaza” are two very large man made Waterfalls. Each set within the footprints of the original Twin Towers, measuring approximately 1-acre in size.   

WorldTradeCenter.Memorial.Waterfall.watermarked 8.7.17


WorldTradeCenter.Memorial.Waterfall.Full View. Center.watermarked 8.7.17

                                                                           Memorial Waterfalls


WorldTradeCenter.Memorial Gardens 8.7.17

                                                                       Memorial Park



WorldTradeCenter.Memorial.WhiteRose w Names.watermarked 8.7.17

I think what touched me most was seeing the White Roses set among the nearly 3,000 names of the men, women and children lost in the attacks of September 11, 2001 and February 26, 1993.  The display of these names is the very heart of the Memorial.

Each name is inscribed on bronze parapets surrounding the twin Memorial pools.  As one stands there viewing the names while watching the Waterfalls, there is a quiet reverence for the many lives lost, and the over 700 people who were never found or have yet to be identified.

Standing there while the heavy rains continued to fall, nothing could dampen the feelings and memories embedded within from September 11, 2001. 

The Oculus

WorldTradeCenter.Oculus Building.watermarked 8.7.17

                                                                         Oculus Building


Serving as the centerpiece of the World Trade Center, this very bizarre structure is called “The Oculus”.  The “Oculus” is the main Transportation Center for approximately 250,000 commuters daily.  The lower level is the main hub for connecting access to trains, subways, and ferry’s in lower Manhattan.

WorldTradeCenter.FreedomTower. Inside.Shops. 8.7.17

                                                                      Inside the Oculus Building


WorldTradeCenter.FreedomTower. Inside.Shops.Ryan 8.7.17

                                                              My son inside the Oculus Building


Walking through this massive 800,000 square foot structure, one is also drawn to the 78,000 square feet featuring two levels of high end retail stores and many places in which to eat.  Standing in the mezzanine, these pictures taken within, are just a glance of the enormity found within this structure.  The two levels of stores can be found along the left and right of the center hall.

WorldTradeCenter.Skyline Buildings. watermarked 8.7.17

                                               Manhattan behind the World Trade Center


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Thursday Thoughts

Wishes are Magic

Wishes are Magic

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Photography. The Lemon Tree

The Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree. Lisbon Spain 2.4.08

Lemon Tree. Lisbon, Spain

This “Lemon Tree” caught my attention with it’s vivid yellow lemons contrasting against the Green leaves, and the quietness of path as we traveled through Lisbon, Spain.

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Now and Then

My Kitty Belle (Now)

BabyBell.8yr. 6.16.17

and  THEN

Belle 10.15.09


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The Artist Chihuly

The Artist Chihuly

Botanical Gardens Exhibit


Sapphire Star

“I often think had I not been a sculptor or artist, I might have like to have been a film director or architect.” 

This week I was fortunate enough to view the amazing work of the artist, Dale Chihuly at the New York Botanical Gardens.  The weather was perfect; the sky was blue; a perfect backdrop for the Glass Work of this fascinating exhibit featuring the work of Chihuly.

His beautifully “Hand Blown Glass Sculptures” were artistically placed throughout the whole parameter of the Botanical Gardens, as you will see through the lens of my camera.  Once walking through the gates of the Botanical Gardens, we were met with the most fascinating sculptures of this renowned Sculptor.

Chihuly.Red Reedson Logs.pammy

Red Reeds on a Log

The NY Botanical Gardens arranged each piece of Chihulys glass to blend perfectly with the surrounding plant life. Each piece complimenting its natural habitat. An example is “White Beluga’s” set among the plants within the Tropical Rain Forest.

Chihuly.WhiteBelugas in TropicalRainForest.pammy

White Beluga Glass Sculpture

As one ascends the steps to the Enid Haupt Conservatory, the entrance is enhanced by the beautify of Chihuly’s Scuplture, “Sol del Citron”.


Chihuly.Sol del Citron.pammy2  Sol del Citron Sculpture


                                       Chihuly.Sol del Citron.pammy.closeupjpg                 
Closeup of Sol del Citron Sculpture

Once inside the Conservatory, is one of Chihuly’s famous Glass Sculpture’s, “Persians in Pond and Blue Herons”. Chihuly’s Persian Series were inspired by Middle East Glass from the 12th- to 14th-Centuries featuring more restrained color.

Chihuly.Persians in thePond.Herons in Conservatory.pammy

Persians in Pond and Blue Herons

Also included in his “Persian” series is his Glass Blown Sculpture, “Garden Fiori”. The Artist loves mixing his works with botanical settings making it look as if it is a natural part of nature. I tried as best as I could to capture the amazing “cobalt blue” colors with my camera.

Chihuly.Garden Blue Fiori.pammy

                                     Glass House Garden Blue Fiori                                            
Chihuly.Glass House Purple Fiori.pammy
 Glass House Garden Purple Fiori

Walking through the various Botanical Gardens within the Conservatory, we next came across his “Macchia Series”.  In the Macchia Series of Chihuly’s glass we see a “darker side” of the artist as he makes his former delicate sculptures more dynamic, and enlarges this conservative scale to awesome proportions. Apart from his translucent works of his Milfori and Fiori Sculptures, Chihuly makes a bolder impact with his colored glass with a mottled effect (note bottom side of each sculpture).


Macchia Forest

Dale Chihuly started working with glass while studying interior design at the University of Washington.  From there he honed his craft at the world-famous Rhode Island School of Design. Chihuly not only learned various methods of glass blowing with different types of glass, but then established a glass program where he taught for many years. (My cousin Joan also studied Sculpting at the Rhode Island School of Design, where she still lives!)

While studying in Venice, Chihuly discovered the idea of blowing glass with a team of artists. He still uses this method in many of his Sculptures which he exhibits today.

Once we left the Conservatory, at the back entrance, once is struck by this amazing Sculpture called “Scarlet and Yellow Icicle Tower”.  It is placed just so that it captures the sunlight reflecting through each glass blown piece of this Tower!

Chihuly.Scarlet Yellow Icicle Tower.pammy

Scarlet and Yellow Icicle Tower

Another period of Chihuly’s work is seen in his “Seafoam” Series.  This stunning Pink Glass Sculpture is reminiscent of something one might find deep at the bottom of the Sea.


Pink Seafoam Sculpture

There is still so much more to see of the amazing Glass Sculptures.  On the weekends, they have night shows where his work is “illuminated” such as the sculpture pictured below– we have already made our reservations for one of these shows.

Chihuly.WhiteTower w Pink Fiori Glass

White Tower w Pink Fiori – Illuminated Sculpture

Not only could is one treated to viewing the beautiful Sculptures of Dale Chihuly’s exhibit, but there are some beautiful pieces for sale within the Botanical Gardens Gift Shop.  I choose two of the many pieces available for sale!

Chihuly.Blue Flower.GiftShopChihuly.GreenFlower.GiftShop

           Cobalt Blue Glass Blown Flower                                    Green Glass Blown Flower






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Water Lily

Water Lily

NYBotanicalGardens.Water Lily

New York Botanical Gardens

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JN Originals


by Judy Nolan


jnoriginals.Raspberry Floral Brooch 2012

                                                           jnoriginals – Floral Brooch (2012)

This Article was originally written in 2012 – thought it would be interesting to see how much Judy has evolved in the past five years!!!

jnoriginals.Crocheted Sentimental Flower Brooch 2017

          jnoriginals – Felted Sentimental Floral Brooch (2017)

Using the words of Carl Sandberg, “Nothing happens unless first we dream”, Judy enhances his words with her own “Dreams are also realized when we ask ‘What if…?’ and ‘Why not…?’” These two thoughts are the basis of Judy’s OOAK creations in her shop, http: //jnoriginals.etsy.com, opened in 2007.

Round Felted Needlebook

Felted Needlebook by jnoriginals

When I envision one of Judy’s creations, the first thing that comes to mind are her unique and colorful “Felted Needle Books.” I purchased one a few years ago, and can never go anywhere without it when working on a project! Also, one cannot miss her colorful felted bowls with their flower appliques.

 *** Many years later I still use my “Needle Book” everything – although a little worn as the corners, with the help of my dog, Piper, who redecorated one of the corners!!!

JudyNolan.Needlebook. 6.16.17
My Felted Needlebook (2012)


Judy’s talent is also showcased in her beautifully crocheted scarfs, hats, and wide headbands, all of which come in various colors. I especially love her “Ruffled Scarflettes” with their flower appliques. Not only perfect for those cold winter days, but a fashion statement of their own. My favorite is the “Raspberry Ruffled Scarflette” (shown below) which also comes in a variety of other colors. 

JnOriginals.OffWhite WideHeadband      jnoriginals.Crocheted Raspberry Scarflette

Crocheted Wide Headband w Flower                      Crocheted Raspberry Scarflette

It is no wonder that Judy’s work looks so professional, as she has won various awards in the Fabric & Threads Division at the Iowa State Fair, which she now shares with her many followers.

Flash forward from 2012 to 2017:  Judy’s main featured Shop on Etsy is now MrPenQuin.etsy.com, which she opened in 2009.


MisterPenQuin features carefully handcrafted photo books, gratitude journals, blank books, gratitude journals, date books, Graduation Gifts, and other items. All items are ready to ship; custom orders welcomed!

Blog.MrPenQuin.FloralGratitudeBook 6.15.17

MrPenQuin Floral Gratitude Book

MrPenQuin.BirdsinParisGratitudeBook 6.17.17

Birds in Paris Gratitude Book


Looking for Vintage Patterns?  Welcome to Judy’s 3rd Shop:                                     2nd ChanceTreasures.

JudyNolan.2ndChanceBanner 2017

According to Judy – I don’t believe in tossing what someone else can use. Give these treasures a second chance! 

2ndChance.LauraAshley Business Bag Pattern

Laura Ashley Business Bag Pattern

2nChance.Butterick Womens Fashion Pattern

Butterick Women’s Fashion Patterns


A woman of many talents, visit Judy at her many Shops:

– Mister PenQuin Too, http://MisterPenQuinToo.etsy.com (coming soon!)
– JN Originals, http://JNoriginals.etsy.com
– 2nd Chance Treasures, http://2ndChanceTreasures.etsy.com

or her Social Media sites:

Web Site: http://www.judy-nolan.com
Facebook: ThisCreativeJourney
Twitter: ThisCreativJrny
Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Judy-nolan/posts



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Wordless Wednesday – Roses

Terrace Popcorn Roses

Roses.PopCornRoses.Terrace 6.11.17

Roses.PopcornRose.White.Watermarked 6.11.17 -

New to my Terrace of Flowers are these Popcorn Roses which are a new and improved variety of Roses. Created from a blend of miniature roses and full-size ground cover roses, and beautifully fragrant!

They have a beautiful cream and accented yellow blooms with softly faded centers, as evident in my Photos!





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