Waiting for Spring

Bouquet of Roses

Birthday Roses.watermarked 3.23.17

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Throwback Thursday

Happy Birthday Taffy


TaffysBday.Pammy4.Joyci3 001

Remember the days when little girls would get dressed up for a birthday party!  Taffy was my best friend for years – she is sitting next to me.  I’ll let you guess which is me – (curls is the hint)!

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March Challenge – The Color Green

March Challenge – The Color Green

The color Green has always been associated as the color of Ireland.  In reality, Ireland’s National color has always been Blue, dating back to 1542 when Ireland was changed into a Kingdom under the rule of King Henry VIII. 

Determined to separate Ireland from its rule under the Pope and Catholicism, King Henry declared Ireland as a separate Kingdom.  Centuries later, King George decided to bring Ireland back to its previous rule and revive the “Kingdom of Ireland”.

Often referred to as the ‘Emerald Isle’, due to Ireland’s rural fields of rich “green” landscape; making the color “Green” was seen as a natural way of illustrating Ireland and its Irish roots.

Another symbol of Ireland’s Heritage is it’s Aran Stitched “Irish Knit Sweater”.  My little model “Cossette”, is a perfect representation of Ireland’s Green Heritage.

A few “Green” items featured from my Shops: MagdaleneKnits & MagdaleneJewels, as well as some lovely items from the Member’s of the BBA Team (Business Blogging Artisan Team).

CustomOrder.IrishKnitSweater w Matching Blanket 11.12.14 (602x800)

Cossette modeling
Crocheted Irish Knit Sweater, Hat w Matching Afghan
Crocheted ArtYarn Scarf.cuffs
                                                Crocheted Sage Green ArtYarn Scarf w matching Cuffs –                                                  Thanks to my model Samantha (Dr Sam)
Earrings.Peridot Pendant Earrings 2.19.17
Peridot Swarovski Crystal Earring Pendants
Emerald Swarovski Crystal Earrings
 Vintage Crystals Emerald Marquise Crystal Drops
Emerald Rhinestone Bracelet Vintage 14K Gold Plated Chain

I also found these beautiful “Irish Green” items from other Members of the Blogging Artisans Team!

RandomCreative.CuffBracet.EasterGreen 3.16.17 

Random Creation. Cuff Bracelet, Easter Bracelet
 PruittSupply.GreenSatinRibbon 3.17.17
Pruitt Supply:  Green Satin Ribbon
 BeadedTail.GreenCrystal Memory Bracelet 3.17.17
BeadedTail:  Green Crystals Memory Bracelet (Sale)
 LanasArt.ChanelArt.Green Colors 3.17.17
LanasArt – Chanel Fashion Art Print


NouveauNiche.Shamrock Watercolor

Nouveau Niche – Shamrock Watercolor Art
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Wordless Wednesday Spring Blizzard

Spring Blizzard

BRP.Pathway.PondReflections.watermarked 3.14.17

4 days until Spring?

Winter.BRP.PondwDucks.crop.watermarked2 3.14.17

Hartsdale.140E .Snowstorm 2017

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International Women’s Day!

SomeDayareBetter 2.16.17

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Along the Hudson

Tappan Zee Bridge

Tappan Zee Bridge.Watermarked 2.28.17


Tappan Zee Bridge, Hudson River, Tarrytown NY



Continuing my “Series” of “Along the Hudson” – I would be remiss in leaving out this beautiful shot of the “Tappan Zee Bridge”!

In 1950, with the increasing demands for commuter travel taxing the existing bridges and tunnels, near mid-town NYC, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey had plans in 1950 to construct a bridge across the Hudson in connecting Westchester County to Rockland County. It was finally decided to construct the Tappan Zee Bridge, named after a New York tribe from the area called “Tappan); (25 mi from NYC) connecting Tarrytown, NY across the River to Nyack, NY connecting the two Counties and chosen to be as close as possible to the New York City area. 

Construction started in March 1952 and the bridge opened to traffic on December 15, 1955, along with a 27-mile (43 km) long section of the New York State Thruway.  The site of the Bridge, stretches across the widest part of the Hudson River, measuring 3 mi in length (one of the widest Bridges in the US).

Built to last approximately 50 years, due to material shortages during the Korean War; no one anticipated the amount of traffic it would generate connecting a faster route from New York to New Jersey. Anyone who has driven across this Bridge knows that the average rush-hour time can be at least one hour to cross the Bridge. Unfortunately, the Bridge has not withstood the span of time with deteriorating roadways, with erosion underneath the Bridge. 

Although most of my friends are afraid to cross the Bridge, to me it is such a beautiful experience.  On a beautiful sunny day, I feel as if I am suspended in space and can touch the clouds.  Driving North, if one looks to the left you can see the Skyline of Manhattan, while looking to the right you will see as far as Albany.

“All things shall pass” – about 2 years ago, construction started to build a new Bridge which towers over the beauty of the present Bridge.  Started in 2015, and to be concluded in 2018, one can see from the photo showing a part of the construction, how it completely hides the beauty of the original Tappan Zee Bridge.


TappanZee.updated Construction.watermarked 2.28.17

Construction of the “New” Tappan Zee Bridge



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Kitty – NY Style!

A must have for the Metropolitan Kitty!  Take your kitty cat for a stroll down Madison Ave in a backpack where he/she can view the world.


Want to take your kitty for a car ride – no problem – the back pack can also be used as a car seat!   


Yes, that’s my son with his girlfriend’s 20 yr old cat, Hon., taking her for a walk.  Somehow I think if I stroll down the Avenue with Belle, my neighbors will definitely call me the “crazy cat lady”!

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Lincoln Center’s Artist Series


Artist: Santtu Mustonen

One thing living just outside the City (NY) is not only the wonderful things it offers, but the fact that we have easy access to the “world of art” it offers.  Last evening one of my sons invited me to go with him to the “Artist Series” featured at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, collaborated with the New York City Ballet.

As one who majored in Dance and “Modern Ballet”, more along the instruction of Alvin Alley, dance is an art that I have always truly admired.  I should add that my son took dance lessons when he was younger also, and is now an artist, so the experience touched us both in every artistic way.

When you get to Lincoln Center, just standing outside in the Theater Promenade, with the flowing fountain, one already has a feeling of the excitement of entering something special. For the past five years, Lincoln Center has been presenting the “Art Series” featuring a particular artist whose animations, painting and photographs are exhibited in the Lobby of the Center.  It is easy to understand why this artist was chosen this year to be featured with the New York Ballet; they both featured art, movement, and animation.

                    Lincoln Center’s Performing Art Promenade  –                                     Santtu  Mustonen Painting


The featured Artist, was Finnish artist, Santtu Mustonen who uses dance for a different kind of inspiration in his work. Combining abstract, handcrafted visual imagery with new technology, Mustonen makes visual art that literally moves. One work which was completely mesmerizing was his 40’ long floating art, called “Metamorphosis, whose dancing lights and shapes influenced by the movement of dance and nature of waterfalls and moving abstracts.  His thoughts of composition are summed up in his statement, “with all the tools we have, I can make a work move almost like a dancer.  I see a lot of connections to dance in my work”.  So, it was no wonder that his work was chosen to represent the New York Ballet.



NYC Ballet Dancer in “Moves”



Once inside the Lobby, one starts the evening with a glass of Champagne before being seated in Lincoln Center’s spectacular Theater, reminiscent of the “Golden Era”, a time when the Astor’s and Rockefeller’s, were seated in their box seats.  The Ballet was broken in to three segments, “Glass Pieces”; “Moves”, and “The Concert”, all complimenting the “movement” of Santtu Mustonen’s “Movement of Art”.


Artist within his own “Floating” Work of Art



After two hours of being transported through the various “artistic” visions in Dance, as we left the Theater, each person was presented with a Silk Scarf from one of the artist, Santtu Mustonen’s, work of art (a replica of the painting at the top of this article).


               Lincoln Center for the                                    Performing Art –                     New York City Ballet



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Roses in the Snow

Roses in the Snow



With almost 14 in. of snow today – this picture of Roses on my Terrace says it all!



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Wordless Wednesday


INDIA  – 2000 yr old Carved Building in Madurai, India
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